I'm moving to Iceland in the fall for a year to complete field research on human-glacier relationships. I was notified this morning that I was awarded a US Fulbright Research Grant to Iceland. I am so grateful.

Update on M JACKSON's Research in Iceland

Fulbright scholar and researcher, Green Writers Press author M Jackson shares a glimpse of her work and travel in Höfn, Iceland, which she deems “cryosphere paradise,” as captured through Instagram. 

M Jackson is a U.S. Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon. She’s currently based in Höfn, Iceland, through a U.S. Fulbright-National Science Foundation Arctic Research Grant, where she’s researching glacier/society relationships. The images here are all within an hour’s drive of Jackson’s home in Artbjarg, Höfn, and show the outlet glaciers pouring from the largest ice cap in Europe, Vatnajökull. Jackson will spend the winter exploring these glaciers and getting to know the Icelandic people who live near their peripheries.

Many thanks to M Jackson for sharing her photos with us. You can follow her on Instagram at @mlejackson. You can purchase her book While Glaciers Slept anywhere books are sold! Support your local bookstore! (LINK to Powell's in Portland, Oregon—the author's hometown bookstore!)

Thanks to Glacier Hub for the great work they do!  They seek to expand and deepen the understanding of glaciers around the world. "We tell stories of people who live near glaciers or visit them. We provide information about current scientific research about glaciers and we offer accounts of communities and organizations who are working to address the challengesbrought by glacier retreat, whether through activism, policy and economics, through art, photography, or other means." Here is the link to M Jackson's feature on their site: