I'm moving to Iceland in the fall for a year to complete field research on human-glacier relationships. I was notified this morning that I was awarded a US Fulbright Research Grant to Iceland. I am so grateful.

Paris Climate Talks (COP21) Observations from the Glaciers of Iceland

Green Writers Press author M Jackson is in Iceland for a year doing research for her Ph.D in Glacier/climate change and arctic studies at the University of Oregon. M has many photos of her stay, living in  Höfn. On April 6, 2016, Green Writers Press will be there with a group of writers/adventure travelers to visit the site of Jackson's work! More info can be found here. 

But today, it simply is not possible to look around at the natural world we inhabit and avoid seeing the immense environmental destruction and degradation we have caused at local, national, and planetary levels. But now, if human society chooses to do nothing, the consequences are unimaginably grim. Climate change is playing for keeps. Here is a great opportunity to re-imagine. We can do better, and we should.